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Reihe 5Des einen Held ist des anderen Dämon, September 2015
Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte, head of projects C3 and C4, was interviewed for the first issue of Reihe 5, the Stuttgart State Theater's magazine. The title of the interview translates to “One Man’s Hero Is Another Man’s Demon”. The issue was called “Sie fliegen hoch. Und fallen tief. Ein Heft über Helden” [“They Fly High, They Fall Hard: A Magazine About Heroes”].

Deutschlandradio Kultur, Kompressor, August 2015
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bröckling, head of Project B7 "The Hero as Disturbing Element: The Sociology of Exceptionality", gave an interview on 31 August 2015 on Deutschland Kultur titled "80 Jahre Stachanow-Norm: Wie sieht ein Held der Arbeit heute aus?" [80 Years of the Stakhanov Norm: What does a hero of labor look like today?] The interview is in German.

SWR 2 Matinee "Raus aus der Krise - Die Rückkehr der Helden", June 2015
The Sunday feuilleton of the German SWR 2 radio station discusses the "return of heroes" in a three-hour program with contributions from various experts. Among them an interview with Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff, spokesman of the SFB 948, titled "Wer sind die Helden von heute?" (translated: Who are today's heroes?) The program is in German.

Wissenschaftsmanagement. Zeitschrift für Innovation, May 2015
The magazine Wissenschaftsmanagement publishes an article and a brief interview in regard to how to deal with the research findings of the SFB 948. The article and interview are in German.

WDR 5, Neugier genügt - Das Feature, 10 April 2015
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bröckling, head of Project B7, and Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff, spokesman of the SFB 948 and head of Project B1, are interviewed in a 20-minute feature on "heroes" about why the firefighters from September 11, Edward Snowden and Batman are labeled heroes by entirely different groups. The program is in German.

HR 2 Kultur, Der Tag, 22 January 2015
Prof. Dr. Andreas Gelz gives an interview on the radio show "Unglücklich das Land, das keine Helden hat? Die Rückkehr des Heroischen" (translated: Unhappy the country with no heroes? The return of the heroic), in which questions as to the (post-)heroic are discussed in connection with the Paris terrorist attacks in January 2015. The interview (starting in the 22nd minute) is in German.