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helden. heroes. héros. 1.1 (2013)

Herausforderung Helden

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This first issue of the SFB 948 e-journal is devoted to exploring the issues under the headword “Challenge: Heroes”. Beside the question ‘What challenges must heroic figures face in the medial designs of their real or imagined heroism (motives behind the heroic deed, proving one’s worth, the victim, crisis management, the rescue, etc.)?’, this issue also examines how they as per se competitive, liminal and transgressive figures can pose a challenge to cultural orders. Heroes and heroines are certainly often admired and venerated by cults as charismatic figures; however, because of their challenging exceptionality they also carry with them a considerable potential for conflict which does not all too seldom lead to envy, hate, exclusion and persecution. In light of this, venerating and condemning heroic figures as well as attributing status as a wrongdoer or victim is often a question of perspective.