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Project S2

Personalization: Subjectification and Authority


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Broeckling
Prof. Dr. Andreas Urs Sommer
Prof. Dr. Nicola Spakowski
Prof. Dr. Magnus Striet

Institute of Sociology
Department of Philosophy
Institute of Sinology
Department of Systematic Theology


Authority is attributed to heroines and heroes because (and provided that) they are followed and looked up to. At the same time, heroes provide models for self-description, self-fashioning and action-orientation; in this sense, they subjectify. This project combines insights into ideas about the heroic subject and insights into heroes as figures of authority, and delineates general characteristics of invocations of the heroic subject. Moreover, this project uses these insights to better understand how personal authority relationships arise, are maintained or eroded, and what effects of subjectification they produce. This project focuses on the period between the 19th and the 21st century.