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Project S1

Upheaval, Disruption and Reinterpretation


Prof. Dr. Juergen Dendorfer
Prof. Dr. Peter Eich
Prof. Dr. Tim  Epkenhans
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Neutatz
Prof. Dr. Johanna Pink
Prof. Dr. Sitta von Reden

Department of History 
Department of Ancient History 
Department of Middle-Eastern Studies


This project aims to understand the role of the heroic in periods of upheaval and disruption by synthesizing and reassessing the results of the SFB. Three types of upheaval and disruption will be explored: political and religious transformation, periods of war, and spatial reconstellations. Various forms of reinterpreting mytho-historical pasts in which heroes were active, or their agency was prefigured, will be investigated in this context, given the distinctive temporal structures of the heroic.