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Participating Departments and Disciplines

The Collaborative Research Centre 948 has a transdisciplinary focus, bringing together scholars from a wide range of disciplines, such as history, art history, literary studies, sociology and theology.

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Ancient History (German only)

Department of Archaeological Sciences (German only)

Department of History (German only)

Department of Art History (German only)

Department of Middle-Eastern Studies (German only)

Department of Chinese Studies

Department of Sociology (German only)

Faculty of Philology

German Department (German only)

English Department

Department of Romance Studies (German only)

Department of Greek and Latin Philology (German only)

Department of Scandinavian Studies

Faculty of Theology

Department of Systematic Theology (German only)

Former Partnerships During Phase 1

Karlsruhe College of Music: Department of Musicology and Music Informatics (German only)