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"The Feminine Heroic" in The Paris Review

The Paris Review has published an article by Megan Mayhew Bergman on the portrayal of the feminine heroic. She discusses how women, often excluded from adventure narratives, carve out their own heroic space.

Web Special “Heroes and Role  Models” from the Mercator Institute for China Studies

This web special from the Mercator Institute for China Studies analyses “heroes and role models” in China as well as conceptions about historical stars, heroes, everyday heroes and anti-heroes. Along with methods, the institute collected questionnaires from Chinese pupils asking “Who are your heroes and role models?” To the web special

Radio program “Vorbilder gesucht! Passen Helden und Demokratie zusammen?” [Looking for a Hero! Are Heroes and Democracy Compatible?], SWR 2

The 23 November 2014 episode of “Aula” investigates heroes in “Vorbilder gesucht! Passen Helden und Demokratie zusammen?”  The question remains: “Es gab noch nie so viele Helden und Heldinnen wie heute. Manche Wissenschaftler sprechen von einer 'Demokratisierung' des Heldentums. Doch stimmt das?” [There have never been so many heroes as there are today. Some researchers are talking about a ‘democratisation’ of heroism. Is that true?] The radio program and its transcript are both in German.

Radio program “Heldendämmerung: Anmerkungen zur postheroischen Gesellschaft” [Twilight of the Hero: Commenting on a Post-Heroic Society], Deutschlandradio Kultur
The 22 October 2014 episode of Deutschlandradio Kultur’s “Zeitfragen” [Questions of Time] devoted to the topic of “Heldendämmerung: Anmerkungen zur postheroischen Gesellschaft” [Twilight of the Hero: Commenting on a Post-Heroic Society] questioned why “Heroische Werte sind in westlichen Gesellschaften nicht mehr en vogue. Was aber passiert, wenn die Figur des Helden nur noch als Superman oder Harry Potter anrückt? Über Helden und eine Gesellschaft, die scheinbar keine Heroen mehr braucht” [“Heroic values are no longer fashionable in Western societies. What would happen if the hero only approaches the likes of Superman or Harry Potter? Talking about heroes and a society that no longer needs them.”] The radio program is in German.


Radio Program: “No More Heroes”, BBC Radio 4

On September 6, 2014, the BBC broadcast an episode of its Archive on 4 program entitled “No More Heroes”. Presenter Angie Hobbs examines the hero to find out what the concept means to us today and why we are so drawn to heroes, and asks if we are in danger of devaluing the term.

E-Journal: Behemoth – A Journal on Civilization

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bröckling, head of Project B7 "The Hero as Disturbing Element: The Sociology of Exceptionality", serves as co-editor of the e-journal Behemoth – A Journal on Civilization, along with other colleagues from the universities of Freiburg and Leipzig. The issue "Das Andere der Ordnung" is particularly relevant to the SFB 948’s research topics.

Lecture Series: "Configurations et reconfigurations de l'héroïsme"

From 2013 to 2017, the Centre d'études des littératures d'Ancien Régime (CELAR) at the University of Strasbourg presented a lecture series entitled "Configurations et reconfigurations de l'héroïsme, du Moyen Âge à la Révolution française" (Configurations and Reconfigurations of Heroism from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution).

Lecture Series: "The Heroic and the Anti-Heroic in Classical Greek Civilization"

The Harvard Extension School has made the video lectures of its open learning course "The Hero in Ancient Greek Civilization" freely available online. The professor is Gregory Nagy (Harvard University, Department of the Classics).